GSM is a system introduced in 2012 to accommodate the Australian job demand of highly skilled persons. GSM visa can be point-Tested and non-point Tested

There are 3 Point tested visa subclass

  • Skilled Independent (permanent) subclass 189
  • Skilled nominated (permanent) subclass 190
  • Skilled Regional (provisional) subclass 489

General Skilled Migration Visa Process

Expression of Interest (EOI)preparation:

  1. Check your relevant occupation in the SOL list.
  2. Check you meet the minimum point test, the current point requirement is 60.
  3. Have your skills assessed by the relevant assessing authority.

Lodgement of EOI.

  1. Submit EOI online using Skillselect website.
  2. Applicant can be onshore or offshore at the time of lodgement.

Note: This is not a visa a visa application and does not grant you any Bridging Visa

Invitation to Apply

  1. If you meet the available occupation quota and ceilings that you may receive an invitation to apply for visa.

Application for Visa

  1. You must lodge an online application within 60 days of invitation, maximum of 2 invites will be sent.
  2. Always try to submit a decision ready application.

Visa Decision

  1. Department of Home Affairs (DHA) will inform you the approval or refusal of the visa application.

Points Test

All EOI application must meet the required points test. The point score is based on a range of factors

  • Age
  • English
  • Work Experience
  • Educational Qualifications
  • Australian Study
  • Regional Study
  • Professional Year.
  • Credentialed Community language
  • Partner Skill

The non- point based GSM Visa are:

Graduate Skilled (subclass 485) visa:

There are two streams in Graduate skilled visa:

Graduate Work Stream:

This visa is for recent graduates who have completed their 2 years of study from Australian Tertiary Institutions. The occupation must be on SOL list and skills are positively assessed. The application for this visa must be lodged within 6 months of course completion and the visa will be granted for 18 months.

Post-study work stream.

This visa is for international students who have completed their higher degree in Australia and want to get some work Australian experience. No points test, no SOL and no skills assessment is required but the application must be lodged within 6 months of course completion with an IELTS score of 6.

Recognised Graduate (subclass 476) visa

This visa is for recent engineering graduates and will be granted to 18 months.