All family migration Visas require sponsorship, the table below provides information about the different family stream visas, relevant sub-class and the eligible sponsor for the sub-class.

Family Visa Visa Sub Classes Who can sponsor
Partner Visa (which includes spouse, de-facto and same-sex relationship) 309/100
The Actual Australian Partner
Prospective marriage visa 300 The actual Australian fiancée
Child 101 or 802 The actual Australian Parent
Dependent Child 445 The nominating spouse of the 309/820/310/826/445 visa holding parent
Adoption 102 The actual Australian adoptive or prospective adoptive parent
Contributory Parent 143/173/864/884 The natural or adopted child
Career 116 / 836 The actual relative requiring care from the applicant
Orphan relative 117 or 837 The relative who undertakes to provide care for the applicant